The Word of the Kingdom

Welcome to The Word of the Kingdom, an initiative of The Church of God Unity Project. The Word of the Kingdom is a program dedicated to sharing the gospel as a witness to all nations (Matthew 24:14). Following Jesus Christ's command to freely share His teachings (Matthew 10:8), our channel is committed to making these transformative insights accessible to all.

Thanks to the generous support of the Church of God, along with our devoted co-workers and donors, The Word of the Kingdom offers this invaluable content at no cost. Together, we aim to spread the simple yet profound truths of the Bible, fostering spiritual growth and guiding those who seek a deeper relationship with God.


Uncover the surprising pagan origins of holidays like Christmas and Easter. Learn how early Christians adapted customs from goddesses such as Eostre to create modern traditions. Explore iconic symbols like eggs, and question if Jesus was truly resurrected on a Sunday.

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The Soul, Heaven, and Hell

Explore the concept of an immortal soul and its implications on the afterlife, and prepare to be amazed by the Bible's revelations. Additionally, examine the idea of heaven as the reward for the saved, and uncover the surprising truth about what the Bible truly says about the Christian afterlife.

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The Kingdom of God

Dive into the concepts of the "Kingdom of God" and the "Kingdom of Heaven," prominent subjects in the New Testament, appearing 69 and 32 times respectively. Understand the four essential facets of a kingdom: the presence of a ruler, a structured political organization, defined territorial boundaries, and a citizenry. 

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